A Narrative That Will Guide You To Greatness

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We all strive for greatness. And the success we accomplish breaks forth from the narrative we hear. Luis García is a top executive at a multinational company. For anybody who sees him from the outside, he is an absolute success. Awarded, recognized, highly paid, Luis García reaches the sky. However, right after one of his biggest business achievements, his life goes into burnout, and he goes financially, emotionally, and relationally bankrupt. The crisis takes him to a peaceful coastal town. When he arrives, he is depressed and downhearted, but one encounter soon changes his life. He soon learns what authentic greatness is all about. The Storyteller is a realistic book about the core foundations of true leadership. Through an agile, witty, and dynamic storytelling technique, full of unexpected twists, José Luis Navajo takes the reader on a ride charged with suspense, humor, and thought-provoking ideas. Most importantly, during the ride the reader, too, will find the difference between being active and being effective and move from amazement to transformation; from impositional leadership to influential leadership.

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